ETC development and Core investment areas

ETC development and Core investment areas
In 2018 and beyond, the Ethereum Classic platform will be transformed through the efforts of its Ethereum Classic Cooperative (ECC). And that is exactly what it needs to claw back some of the stardust from Ethereum (ETH).

The ECC targets to have the Ethereum Classic protocol enhanced as the best platform for sharing information and value. ETC has the capacity to be a market leader in the digital economy. Perhaps that’s why the platform’s flexible, intuitive Smart Contracts are going to be the benchmark for everything IoT (internet of things).

ETC development and Core investment areas

The ETC Foundation believes that a proper approach to the development of the coin and its platform is anchored in these three areas: Ethereum Classic protocol development, marketing, and community initiatives. The ECC has therefore instituted guidelines to ensure the proper deployment of all ETC capital across these areas. The aim is to fast track development through monitoring progress for every aspect of the blockchain.

This is the main project of the ECC that when executed well, ETC could start commanding some of the respect other Smart Contract enabling platforms command. Developers will know that there is support from the ECC team and will likely feel safer utilizing it. The team will also fill gaps where for some reason, projects fall out of the platform’s scope. The investor community is likely to develop confidence in ETC, gradually reflecting the value of ETC long term. Furthermore, by being able to provide funding for projects on the ETC network, the prospects of attracting better developers will increase. It won’t be long before Ethereum Classic becomes preferred for token projects and dApps.

Why ECC will define Ethereum Classic’s 2018.

Everything rests on how the Ethereum Classic Cooperative handles their mandate going into the expected market retraction. A strong community and a number of highflying projects will be a good signal that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is gaining traction. I believe that won’t be a problem with the expected penetration ETC will get, especially if they manage to get China.

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