Ethereum Classic Future Plans and Goals

Ethereum Classic Future Plans and Goals

The Ethereum classic group ETC Cooperative has just released their latest improvement report on what the team has done on their progress to facilitate Ethereum Classic future goals and become a top alternative for decentralized applications DApp producers. In the report, the ETC Cooperative group states that they currently have a surplus supply of cash and they are actively using it to draw attention to the project via sponsorships investments and by hiring blockchain developers to make improvements among other things. Their social media following has more than doubled, and daily transaction rates are soaring."Ethereum Classic Future Plans and Goals"

Much like the classic state of the union address given by the US president, the ETC Cooperative releases a report every six-months detailing their successes, failures, and their plans for the future. Ethereum Classic has been trending in the cryptocurrency market for the last few weeks following the announcement that Coinbase would be listing the ethereum classic ETC in the near future.
The ETC Cooperative is, in some ways, analogous to the Ethereum Foundation headed by notable people like Vitalik Buterin. Led by Anthony Lusardi, the cooperative is in the process of becoming a US nonprofit organization that will potentially allow them to receive tax-deductible donations in the near future if successful with the filing.

Ethereum Classic Future Plans and Goals

According to the report, the group has an annual positive cash flow of $375,000 and is currently sitting on a USD cash reserve of $700,000.

Ethereum Classic Future Growing the Green

Most of the report is dedicated to what the team has done, what they are doing, and areas where they feel they need to develop. It also details how they are spending their budget including the donations they have received. Let’s go over some of those points now.

The goal of the ethereum classic cooperative is to support the ETC community, development, and marketing efforts inside the Ethereum Classic network with the intention of creating it higher by removing pain points and obstacles that interfere with Ethereum Classic Future and current users.

keeping this in mind, the etc cooperative noted social signals that their social media followers have grown significantly, with their sub-Reddit and Twitter account seeing increases of up to 70%. The blockchain itself has seen a 175% increase in ethereum classic average transactions per day or about 47,000 every 24 hours on the blockchain . some kind of context that Ethereum noted the transactions is about 10 times that amount each day.

according to the report, there is a list of improvements and development that the group is made to the technology behind the blockchain.

pointedly, there is been a lot of development on the website, enhancement has been made to boot nodes, and a system has been developed that will help major etc stakeholders get alerts on when critical market updates come out. The team has also renewed their primary website, and launched a new site that is designed to specifically provide native language information for China, Japan, and South Korea.

Ethereum Classic Plans for the Future

The report then details the six primary goals that the group will be focusing on for its next six-month timeline.

Those goals include finishing in-progress programs, increasing reach and marketing make an attempt, getting better in touch with different language groups, developing a working relationship with a number of industries that could benefit from using ethereum classic ETC, building closer ties between the different ETC group, and hiring more developers to support additional projects.
 if you’re looking for a job in the blockchain space for developing decentralized applications, you might want to take a look at the ETC Cooperative.

The report closes by mentioning that the group received a “very generous donation” from Digital Finance Group and Grayscale, an investment company that operates the Ethereum Classic Investment Trust. The ETC cooperative group has a goal of receiving 1.75 million USD in donations for the year, of which they claim to have already received half funding.

Ethereum Classic has come a long way since it first came into existence. It’s Started from something for just a few pennies each, to something that is becoming somewhat of a star child for many in the cryptocurrency world.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses in the bullish and bearish cryptocurrency market, however, as Ethereum Classic still has a long way to go if it’s ever going to catch up with its much bigger cousin. point to be noted that it appears that the goal of the ETC Cooperative is not to defeat or unseat Ethereum, but instead to find its own unique space in the ever-growing blockchain technology.

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