Ethereum Classic Projects and Improvements In 2018

Ethereum Classic Projects and Improvements In 2018
Ethereum Classic team is working on several projects at the moment, progressively working on improving user experience in all aspects of their platform. The team is also working on Geth.

Just like Ethereum Classic represents Ethereum’s fork, Geth is Ethereum’s Classic fork. Geth existed on Ethereum Classic blockchain system, but as of October of 2016, this fork started to operate separately.

The team is still working on Geth as it now exists separately, also being developed unrelated to Ethereum Classic. Already a half of Geth’s original code has been modified and rewritten and the ETC team will continue to work on it with the vision to change its structure. This would enable easy functioning and simple operating with Geth, which would later on, on the long tracks, prepare Geth for business operations thanks to the all planned improvements that should take place pretty soon.

Ethereum Classic Projects and Improvements In 2018

Maybe the most important project ETC team is working on is implementing side chains in the original structure and architecture of Ethereum Classic, Side chains would enable fast and simple operating with UI components as this improvement would enable the creation of decentralized applications on Ethereum Classic platform.

Another project ETC team is working on, is called Emerald Platform and it should contain different tools and features that will most certainly make creating of Dapps simple and easy will all the tools needed available on the fly through this ecosystem.

How is Ethereum Classic doing at the Current Moment?

Although ETC went on with velocity on Monday, four days ago, rising out of the market crisis, Ethereum Classic is once again being traded in the red.

After the most recent change in the price that occurred in the last 24 hours, ETC is down by -6.58% against the dollar while the currency is dealing -1.90% against BTC.

Although you were able to sell or buy your ETC at 21$ a couple of days ago, the latest price of Ethereum Classic is 18.56$, which is the case after the most recent negative change in the market.

Although ETC is trading in the red at the current moment, all announced improvements, modifications, and changes could possible sky-rocket this currency and bring authority to their platform in the world of crypto values and blockchain technology.

Ethereum Classic Most Traded coin In 2018

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